Implications of ‘The Arts’ on our everyday lives

Art allows us to express our inner emotions, enabling individuals to see that we are all unique with different thoughts and opinions. Through the various workshops I learnt that art is not merely about painting or physically making objects; it covers a vast range of activities such as painting, sculpturing, dancing, story-telling, music and drama, enabling us to express our inner thoughts, bringing out our sense of intuitiveness. After completing workshops in these areas I have a greater understanding of the impact ‘the arts’ can have on our lives where we can be transported from one era to another by simply looking at or becoming part of artistic work, through either individual work or a collaborative approach.


I have provided a brief outline on the impact various elements of art can have on pupils:


Drama – Drama can be implemented across the curriculum, engaging students and serving as a catalyst building necessary skills e.g. creativity and confidence


Art – Teaching through Art enables pupils to use their imagination, fine motor skills and reinforces the idea of individuality and uniqueness


Music – Pupils can gain an insight into musical aspects of other cultures, promoting and enhancing teamwork, as well as building upon their cognitive skills as multi-tasking is required for counting the beats, thinking about the rhythm, working out the notes to be played etc.


Dance – Implementing dance within the classroom can improve communication, language and literacy development because of the wide range of language used to imagine and recreate roles and ideas in the dance. It also enhances pupils’ physical development, enabling them to live a healthy lifestyle, and is useful for enhancing creative development


Sensory Storytelling – This is a useful strategy to use with pupils as it promotes creativity whilst also helping children to become confident. It is especially beneficial for pupils with either physical or cognitive learning difficulties, enabling them to connect with the storyImage

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