Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Gallery of Modern Art

At GoMA, we were introduced to a thought-provoking range of exhibitions featuring a variety of media such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography.

The exhibition on show was called “You, Me, Something Else” consisting of sculpture from Glasgow

Firstly we were asked to look at the artwork in the gallery, thinking about how they made us feel and whether we felt connected to any particular pieces.

We were split into small groups and were asked to pick one of the sculptures, stating why we were drawn to it, outlining what music we think of when we see it, how we think it would smell, and 3 adjectives to describe it. We were then asked to sketch a picture of the sculpture that we chose to represent. All groups gathered together and we were encouraged to leave our sketch pads on the ground and move around to look at each other’s sketches, providing positive feedback to our peers.

We were provided with a small object to feel and were asked to place this beside the sculpture which we felt it most related to. Our group chose to place the steel object beside the metal rod-like sculpture as we felt this looked like a fishing rod trying to hook a fish.

After this, we were provided with materials to make our ‘sculpture’, creating a story behind it. The materials which my group were given were neon rods, glitter and ping-pong balls which were tied onto paper-like-string.
My group aimed to replicate a sculpture which was in GoMA. We named it ‘RioTrio’ as there was a recurring theme of ‘trios’ and ‘threes’ within the piece and the bright, vibrant colours reminded us of a carnival in Rio.
We were encouraged to look at the other sculptures which were created…
Below: I have inserted a link to video below which shows teaching ‘The Arts’ through an integrated curricular approach.

What I learnt from the workshop:
– Contemporary artists can question established assumptions about what a sculpture can be, what it is made of and how it should look and be displayed
– Individuality is especially apparent when looking at art

How the experience can be applied within a primary teaching context:
– In museums you are often not allowed to touch the items so it might be beneficial to provide each small group of pupils with an object which they can touch and feel, asking them to think of adjectives relating to it


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