Education in Pakistan: A historical socio-cultural perspective

It is so interesting to see how education is approached in other countries. I think it is extremely valuable and important for me, as a student teacher, to find out about other cultures and see how learning and teaching takes place.

Sadaf Shallwani - Early Childhood Development Research

Today’s post is the first in a six-part series reviewing the historical and current context of education in Pakistan. These posts include: (1) Introduction, (2) Ancient India – Hindu and Buddhist Influences, (3) Islamic Influences, (4) British Influences, (5) A Separate Nation, and (6) Education in Present-Day Pakistan. Some of the information in this series is drawn from the book, “Going to School in South Asia” edited by Amita Gupta, interwoven with my own understandings of context, values, and beliefs in Pakistan.

early-childhood-pakistan-copyright-sadaf-shallwani-001 Children at a school in Sindh, Pakistan. Copyright Sadaf Shallwani. All rights reserved.


Children develop within the contexts of their families, schools, and communities. But families, schools, and communities also evolve within broader socio-political contexts – which are shaped by innumerable historical and current, global and local influences.

We often don’t think about these contexts, and perhaps even take them for granted, when we talk…

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