To Email or Not to Email?

An interesting article on emailing. For my assignment I have been discussing the benefits and drawbacks of using email to promote creativity in the classroom. This post is beneficial to inform me about the drawbacks of email – such as the idea that filters are often extremely strong in school which means that children don’t get the opportunity to learn how to deal with problems or inappropriate content, when they are in the secure and safe environment of a classroom to depend on the teacher, rather than have to see this first when they’re isolated on their own computer.

Down the Road

Parents have been reaching out to me to ask about allowing their children to have their own email accounts. While email can be a valuable tool for children learning written communication skills, there are, of course, questions that need to be considered.

Checking in with parents about their concerns about their child’s use of email helps to figure out what may be the right approach. Is a concern that they can sign up for things (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)? Is it about who might send them messages? Is the concern about the child’s ability to filter information? Is it about what the child may put in writing? Is it about knowing what children are writing?

Based on each child’s situation, there are options for email accounts. Parents can create an account that is monitored by having the incoming emails forwarded to them. This can be just to be ready to have conversations…

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